Forgive them.
Not because they asked for your forgiveness.
Or because they deserve it.
Or because the pain they caused you is not worth it,
But because you cannot truly move on without forgiving.
It shows your level of maturity and your ability to understand that life is not always fair.
And that someone’s behavior speaks of them, not you.
Your forgiveness speaks of you, not them. – Najwa Zebian.

May 21, 2017

Mother’s Day

She’s independent because we have not taken care of her, She doesn’t trust because we have lied to her repeatedly. She’s a great mother because we have forced her to be all that her child has, She’s a great worker because we stopped providing, she loves less because we stopped providing, She loves less because we are giving her less to love. – Eric Blair.

May 20,  2017

The Connection

My heart is not capture easily. I am disinterested in small talk, disillusioned with love, and too focused on my dreams and aspirations to lend anybody my attention for long. But if we make that connection, if you find your way into my heart, God, I will fall for you like gravity has let go of the earth. – Beau Taplin.